Goals for the Day: Wed. April 15

Ceramics 2: Super Selfies Challenge

  1. CREATE a plan for which you will follow specific steps in building a work of art, by completing an ACTION PLAN.
  2. be able to orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS and SPECIFIC PROJECT DEADLINES.

Since we will be starting this process today, be sure that you spend some time filling out your project calendar with specific dates that may be important to you for you to be successful on this project.

 Painting 2: Mat Cutting

  1. APPLY your understanding of mat cutting by practicing their measurement and cutting skills on a previous painting.
  2. be able to orally defend and explain your opinions by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Let’s see where your at with your mats.  What questions do you have, and are you able to use the demonstration from Monday’s class through out these next few work days?


Adv. Drawing 2: How to Shade

  1. APPLY your ability to create areas of shadows by identifying your value and transferring its likeness to a simple form.
  2. IDENTIFY characteristics of SHADING on a drawing by labeling the correct terms within guided notes

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