Goals for the Day: Wed. April 22


  1. EXECUTE decisions for which you will follow specific steps in building a work of art, by following your ACTION PLAN.
  2. Be able to orally defend and explain your choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS and SPECIFIC PROJECT DEADLINES.

Day 3 of Production is here!!!

I’ll be stopping class a little early to explain to you the setup for tomorrow’s “Open Critique.”  The goal of us taking a day away from CREATING and PRODUCING is to double check on our ideas before we get to far along and we run into issues that can be worked out of.  Remember, you will need the following for tomorrow:

  2. Project

Intro to Art: Stencil Challenge Day 2 (Working with Digital Images)

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding for computerized effects by properly following a teacher demonstration in creating multi-layered stencils.
  2. be able to orally defend and explain their choices by responding to the PROJECT REQUIREMENTS

We are underway with the main part of this challenge!

The next few days will be dedicated to cutting out your stencils and making sure they line up before you start to apply them.  I will take a few minutes to go over with you guys some of the best ways to start this out, however you’re going to need to make sure that regardless of the challenge you’ve decided on, you are meeting ALL of the requirements to get full credit.

Painting 2: Illustration Challenge

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding of ILLUSTRATION (both characteristics and types) by investigating artworks.
  2. DISTINGUISH between various types of art by IDENTIFYING illustrative characteristics

Last day of research!!!

Since you guys will be wrapping up some research and figuring out a plan for action here, I want to make sure I can keep track of your ideas so that I can better help you out.

Fill out the form below so that you can pick up your materials for this challenge:

Adv. Drawing: Shape Challenge

  1. APPLY your ability to locate areas of shadows and highlights by replicating them on abstract shapes.
  2. IDENTIFY characteristics of SHADING on a drawing by labeling the correct terms within a class exercise.

We will take a little time to review the best way to identify where SHADING needs to take place, however you guys will be assigned a brand-new challenge today that will be due this FRIDAY.

Introducing the SHAPE CHALLENGE!!!

Shape Challenge SHADING

You will receive a handout with a series of abstract shapes in which you will render shades to create the illusion of a THREE-DIMENSIONAL object.  It is important to understand that I am not just asking you guys to fill in a GRADIENT (or a blending).  These abstract shapes need to have CROSS CONTOURS that show the curves to the 3-D forms.

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