Goals for the Day: Fri. April 24

Ceramics 2: Super Selfies Challenge

Firing Day!!!

Most of you already are aware of this, however, there are a few dates next week that you also want to keep in mind as we quickly approach the deadline to this project.

  • April 27: 2nd Firing Date / Explanation on posting and final grading criteria
  • April 29: 3rd Firing Date – (last chance for this project)
  • May 1: Super Selfies Deadline: images will be posted with specific hashtag

The time is going to start flying by and the workload is going to seem like it is increasing, however, it is really the time left that needs to be considered.  I wish you guys luck with the new (and last of the school year) card marking!

Intro to Art: End of the Card Marking Work Turn In

Since we have a limited amount of time today, I want to make sure that you are aware of what needs to be turned in today so as you can maximize your time in class.

Sketchbooks:  Our weekly themed, and FINISHED drawings are due today.  The following themes are what was needed to be represented in your sketchbook as a FINISHED DRAWING:

  • Dr. Seuss “Design your own Cat in the Hat” character
  • Daredevil, draw your own version of a “man without fear”
  • SPIDER-VERSE: Create a Spiderman from a different (not earth) dimension of your choice with a background
  • Snoopy: Design your own Snoopy dog
  • Power Rangers: in COLOR, create your favorite or own idea of a Power Ranger

Daily Goal Response(s): either through your digital form or in a binder, you should have 6 weeks/31 days of goals recorded/submitted

Painting 2: Watercolor Sketchbooks

We are wrapping up the 5th CM, here and there is one item that needs to be turned in as well as your Daily Goals that need to be submitted.  Be sure that before you leave your Watercolor Sketchbook

To be clear, the sketchbook assignments are considered “PASS or FAIL” but specifically need to have all of the directions followed.  Be sure to double check that your have the concept or theme represented clearly so that you can get credit on your work.

Adv. Drawing: Post-It Note Challenge and Shape Challenge

I know many of you are anxious in getting your Post-It Notes up but don’t forget that you also needs to be represented on a social media site of your choice using the hashtag:


You guys also were assigned Wed. a shading challenge in which you will need to turn in your sketchbooks so that the exercise can be evaluated.

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