Goals for the Day: Friday, May 1

Ceramics 2: Super Selfie Deadline Day

Before you go posting your images with the hashtag, I want to go over a few ground rules which will make sure that grading can be done as fairly as possible:

  1. A Posting Form must be complete so that your photo is easy to locate
  2. the hashtag #MHSSelfieChallenge must be on your final image
  3. a maximum of 4 progress photos will be counted towards your final grade

Posting Form

Intro to Art: Sketchbook Challenge

A new approach to this card-markings sketchbook days, be sure to take note of these changes so that you can get the maximum amount of credit.

  1. each week a new theme will be presented at the start of class
  2. everyone will have a full class period to create a finished sketch and post it online
  3. using the hashtag #MHSSketchChallenge, the top 5 students with the highest number of likes will be exempt from the following week’s sketchbook drawing, and be able to select the new theme.

Be sure to fill out this basic form so that when counting up the “likes” everyone is accounted for:

Click this link to find out today’s theme

Painting 2: Sketchbook Day

  1. DEMONSTRATE your  understanding for the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by starting/completing a themed painting.

This week’s painting theme has a specific and special meaning…

Thing about someone who has influenced you or the world that you live in…What did they do that specifically stands out as such an important significance in your life? While this seems like a pretty straight forward theme, I really want to you have fun with this as well as think about that person who has greatly affected you.  This should be looked at as a gift of recognition or thankfulness.

Adv. Drawing: Open Sketch

Today is an OPEN SKETCH day…

Not to be confused with the “free day” that some of you may think this is, you guys will get an opportunity today, in class, to draw…I mean literally, anything you want…JUST DRAW.

The goal here is that you will complete something that is considered a finished drawing.  No theme, no guidelines or check boxes, just draw to draw.

To receive credit for what you complete in class today, you will need to post your FINISHED sketch online using the hash tag #MHSsketchChallenge

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