Goals for the Day: Monday May 4

Ceramics 2: Final Project Challenge (Intro)

We are going to start things a bit differently with our last challenge, in that we will take a look at the connecting Face-Off episode first.  This season’s finale is much like our own finale, with a ton of different up’s and down’s.  Lets take a look at the episode.

Intro to Art: Introduction to Animation

  1.  IDENTIFY historic qualities of ANIMATION  by recognizing and describing areas in class examples
  2. be able to orally describe the characteristics of ANIMATION by listing specific characteristics animators use through guided notes.


History of Animation

Painting 2: Re-Imagined Illustrations

  1. DISPLAY your  plan for which you are currently following specific steps in building a unique painting.
  2. Be able to orally defend and explain your opinions by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

With two studio days left, time is quickly coming to a stop.  These paintings will be on display for our Honors Night event later Tuesday evening, however, your job is not done once you drop the brush.  Remember that an Artist Statement must be filled out to be even have the painting be considered for grading.

Below you will find the form you will use to fill out the specific areas of an artist statement:

Adv. Drawing: Wrapping Up Drawing the Head (critique)

  1. Discuss the approach that needs to be taken when the face is not being viewed straight on,

We are going to take a look at some of the submissions from last week’s homework.  I asked you to draw the head in its basic form with a turned left/right appearance along with a tilt up/down.  Here are the submissions I have so far:

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