Goals for the Day: Tues. May 5

Ceramics 2: Final Project Challenge

  1. Reflect, articulate, and edit the development of artwork throughout the creative process.
  2. Apply knowledge and skills to symbolize an idea by working in teams to create a fictional movie title.

Today is finally the big unveil!!!

We are going to take the class period to go over what exactly you will be challenged with to create for the final project.  Due to the complex nature of this one, there are going to be multiple items/tasks that will need to be considered over the next 3 weeks.  To help you guys through the confusion, and to make sure that you have as much time as possible to work, I’ve linked every “Help Folder” for this project on the side tab.

The following slides are also broken down by parts/responsibilities to make it easier for your group members to see what is needed:

Along with those links is a folder that I’ve been able to collect some different versions of examples.  These are not the “end all, be all” for diorama examples out there, but it is a start for your group when trying to locate ideas.


Intro to Art: The Process of Animation and Pre-1900’s Examples

  1. IDENTIFY qualities of ANIMATION used in the early 1900’s  by recognizing and describing areas in class examples
  2. be able to orally describe the characteristics of ANIMATION by listing specific characteristics animators use through guided notes.

Today starts our more, in-depth look at the animation process.  Over the course of the next few days, you will be gaining information on specifics on the HISTORY, PROCESS and EXAMPLES of animations throughout the past 100 years.  Every day you can check into this site for a collection of the clips that are linked through YouTube.  There will be specific information on each clip that you will need to know and be responsible for on the final exam, so be sure to check in daily for new material.

History and Process of Animation


Pauvre Pierrot (1892) directed by Emile Reynaud

    • First animated films made
    • Consists of 500 individually painted images and last about 15 mins.
    • Demonstrated the Theatre Optique view system
    • Reynaud gave the whole presentation himself


Big Hero 6 (2014) direct Don Hall and Chris Williams

    • 54th film in Disney Animation Classics series
    • First animated film to feature Marvel Comics characters
    • developed cutting edge technology to create individual characters to move independently of themselves in massive groups
    • includes 15 main characters and 701 uniquely different citizen characters (largest cast for a Disney film yet)
    • robot animation based off of Carnegie Mellon University of Robotics work



Painting 2: Re-Imagined Illustrations (Deadline Day)

  1. DISPLAY your  plan for which you are currently following specific steps in building a unique painting.
  2. Be able to orally defend and explain your opinions by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Remember that an Artist Statement must be filled out to be even have the painting be considered for grading.

Below you will find the form you will use to fill out the specific areas of an artist statement:

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