Goals for the Day: Fri. May 8


  1. Apply knowledge and skills to symbolize an idea by working in teams to create a working plan based off of its specific requirements.

Happy Friday!!!

By the end of the hour today, you will be turning in your groups ACTION PLANS.  A couple of important items to note here:

  • All group members ACTION PLANS must be submitted together
  • All requirements must be present on plan

If any part of the above is missing or not complete, your groups plans will not be graded and will not be able to start production next week.

Individual Project Requirements:

For those of you who might have missed out, the form for your group resposnisbilities needs to be filled out as well:

Intro to Art: Sketch Challenge #2

Congratulations to last week’s winners:

Instagram  218 Adamarisgodinez
Instagram  191 urielll_sanchez
Instagram  127 @girlthats_wuan
Instagram  91 Foreign.jay__
Instagram  56 trevor_papp10

Not only are you exempted from this week’s challenge, but you guys will also come up with this week’s theme.  Remember that throughout the hour, you will have time to work on your drawing, however you must have your image posted by 3:30 for it to count in the running, as well as surpass the total “LIKES” on my submission.

If you haven’t filled out the submission form you can below:  (however remember that if your account is PRIVATE I won’t see your submission.

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