Goals for the Day: Thurs. May 14

Ceramics 2: Summer Blockbusters (Production Week)

  1. Follow your created plan for which they will follow specific steps in building a work of art, by completing an ACTION PLAN.
  2. be able to orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Tomorrow will be our very first firing for the final project.  Be that as it will, your group will need to understand how to identify your projects for firing.  Each group (or student) is responsible for stamping or etching your groups number and hour into a visible area of the clay piece to be fired.

Example:  #4 1st HR

Not identifying your projects in this manner means they will not get fired, due to not being able to track them once they’ve been removed from the kiln.  We do have future firing dates on the calendar, however we also have other priorities reserved on specific days as well.  Be sure to be familiar with what is up and coming:

Intro to Art: Creating an Animation Cel

  1. INTENTIONALLY DEMONSTRATE the proper use of  art materials and tools to communicate ideas.
  2. IDENTIFY and  DEFINE problems and reflect upon possible visual solutions to creating an animation cel by ORALLY stating “I am seeing that….” and “To avoid this problem we can…”

We will take a look at some really fun PES, stop motion, animation clips. You can read up more about the artist here at his bio webpage.

Our plan is to take a look at :

Painting 2: Pointillism vs Ben-Day Dot

  1. IDENTIFY qualities of POINTILLISM in fine art by recognizing and describing areas in art examples
  2. Be able to orally describe the characteristics of POINTILLISM by creating a color wheel that mimics the techniques observed from an in-class demonstration

Many of you will be receiving your “Pointillism vs Ben-Day dot” exercise back today so as you can rework areas that are incorrect.  Be sure to read over the notes on your own sheet to familiarize yourself with the adjustments you need to make before registering on the forms below for a projector time slot and receiving your ceiling tile.

Sign Up here for your time slot using the Projector and your Reference Image

Adv. Drawing: Final Portfolio

  1. APPLY organizational principles and methods to create original works of art for a portfolio purpose.
  2. IDENTIFY, DEFINE problems, and REFLECT  upon possible visual solutions to their final portfolio by writing a daily goal.

Where are you at with your portfolio?

This Friday…I am canceling the weekly sketch to end the week with (a much needed) critique.  You will need to have what you’ve worked on thus far in class present along with your reference image (printed).  This is not a trap or a trick, this should be looked at as a much needed midway reflection before our live drawing on May 20’s Fine Arts night.

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