Goals for the Day: Friday, May 15

Ceramics 2: Summer Blockbusters (Production Week)

  1. Follow your created plan for which they will follow specific steps in building a work of art, by completing an ACTION PLAN.
  2. be able to orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Since we are firing today, it may be a good idea to again take a look at the up-coming days that you will have to work and wrap up this project.  Again, we will need to decide next week whether you would like a 2 day review or 1 day before Memorial Day break.


Intro to Art: Animation Challenge (research day)


Painting 2: Pointillism vs Ben-Day Dot

  1. IDENTIFY qualities of POINTILLISM in fine art by recognizing and describing areas in art examples
  2. Be able to orally describe the characteristics of POINTILLISM by creating a color wheel that mimics the techniques observed from an in-class demonstration

Like I said yesterday, many of you will be in different spots for this final project.  Some will start priming their boards, some will be filling out or registering for projection times, and/or wrapping up our “Pointillism vs Ben-Day Dot” exercise.  Remember that this Saturday (May 16, 2015) you have a deadline for filling out the online decision form (which you will see below)

You will also need to sign up or register for a time slot to use the projector as well as email in your reference image.  Below you will find the link for the available projector time slots…

Sign Up here for your time slot using the Projector and your Reference Image


Adv. Drawing: Portfolio Critique Day

  1. Identify, define problems, and reflect upon possible visual solutions to your portfolio pieces through a classroom discussion.
  2. EVALUATE the quality and effectiveness of your artwork by filling out a weekly goal reflection form.

Before we jump into the critique…I’d like you all to fill out this survey so that I can get a better feel for how you guys feel about your work so far (see below)



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