Goals for the Day: Friday, Sept. 11

What is your Marshmallow?

Maybe not the typical question you would expect to be asked in an art class, but here me out…

Today we are going to work on a group activity that not only will put your ability “think outside of the box” to task, but also help you understand what “CREATING CREATIVELY” really means.  Over the past few days, you’ve been bored to death about course expectations and classroom procedures, and this build-up was on purpose, for TODAY!!!

Before we start, on the note cards at your desk, I would like you to write down an answer to the following two (2) questions:

  1. I believe that class will be….
  2. I expect to get a _____ in this class because…

For those of you who may be absent today, you can check out this cool TED Talk video that sort of explains today’s activity by watching the clip below:

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