Goals for the Day: Monday, Sept. 14

Intro to Art: Introduction to Value

  1. Experiment with various concepts of VALUE while being introduced to drawing tools
  2. Demonstrate application of VALUE by creating a version(s) of a value scale

Throughout this week, we are going to spend some time looking into what I believe to be the most important aspect to “drawing” or “drafting” an image.  Some of these concepts are going to be familiar, or just make sense, however, some areas that we approach over the next few days may take a few moments to make sense.  Whatever the case may be, be sure to use your sketchbook to practice these techniques as they are laying the foundation for our first big challenge.

Painting: Introduction to BASIC Color Theory

  1. Demonstrate application of COLOR THEORY by building a model and/or replica color wheel.
  2. Demonstrate comprehension of COLOR THEORY by identifying specific colors on their color wheel and be able to discuss how you got to this assumption.

Out of all of my years teaching, I think the one area that most students fear going for their art work is the area of “COLOR.”  It could be because there are just too many options, or maybe there just isn’t a good hold on how to create different colors.  Throughout this week, we will take an incredibly long, but worthwhile look at how to make, use, and apply various colors, and what this means to your work.

Ceramics: Introduction to Hand-building Techniques

  1. Experiment with various HAND-BUILDING techniques, while being introduced to specific vocabulary terms.
  2. Demonstrate application of RELIEF SCULPTING by applying basic hand-building techniques to  their stamps and predicting their results.

This week is going to be exciting because we are going to jump right into what this class is about (and I don’t mean marshmallows).  While these next few days will be relatively easy with the amount of work you will be performing, I need to stress that we are laying down the fundamentals, the building blocks, the basic guidelines for successfully working with clay.  Be sure to be aware of your project(s), time, and your surroundings this week!

To get a heads up on the design aspect for this first exercise, you can check out the artist Henrik Van Ryzin at his website HERE.

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