Goals for the Day: Tuesday, Sept. 15

Intro to Art: Introduction to Value (cont.)


  1. Continue to experiment with various concepts of VALUE while being introduced to drawing tools
  2. Demonstrate BLENDING and ERASING techniques in order to achieve smooth TRANSITIONS
Whats the difference between a Blending Stump and a Tortillion?

We are going to piggy back on some of the concepts that we talked about yesterday in regards to VALUE.  Of the tools that we will be using today, some you may have seen before but not really been given the chance to experiment.  As we walk through a few more demonstrations, I would like you to understand that all of this information (the demonstrations and notes) are setting up the foundation for your first challenge project in this class.  If there are concepts or techniques that you are still uncertain on, please let me know!

Which erasers are you the most familiar with using? Which erasers would you use to complete certain tasks?

Painting: Introduction to BASIC Color Theory

  1. Demonstrate application of COLOR THEORY by building a model and/or replica color wheel.
  2. Demonstrate comprehension of COLOR THEORY by identifying specific colors on their color wheel and be able to discuss how you got to this assumption.

You guys will wrap up your “Pre-Test” today ensuring that you have all the necessary pieces (see board).  We are going to take a little time discussing the “ANSWERS,” however I do want to give you guys some time to experiment with the material, to gain a little bit more confidence as we move through our painting techniques.


Ceramics: Introduction to Hand-building Techniques

  1. Experiment with various HAND-BUILDING techniques, while being introduced to specific vocabulary terms.
  2. Demonstrate application of RELIEF SCULPTING by applying basic hand-building techniques to  their stamps and predicting their results.

Yesterday we discussed some important concepts and techniques that you will lean on heavily throughout the year.  We will review those today, but I would also like you guys to be thinking about how you would APPLY these concepts to common ceramic objects that we come into contact with on an everyday basis.

The next few days we will dedicate some time to CREATING and COMPLETING two (2) quick projects that will expose you quickly to the drying time of clay.  First we will be creating a RELIEF STAMP, so that your projects are easier to identify and locate.  The second project will call on your ability to quickly “measure” our proportions of clay by creating a set of PINCH POTS.

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