Goals for the Day: Wed. Sept. 15

Intro to Art: WORKING with Value

  1. Continue to experiment with various levels of VALUE while using specific drawing tools
  2. Demonstrate BLENDING and ERASING techniques in order to achieve smooth TRANSITIONS while creating a VALUE SCALE

Today is an exciting day, because this marks the first time you will start creating on your own.  The demonstrations are over and you’ve had a decent amount of time to familiarize yourself with the drawing tools.  Over the next two days, you will create a VALUE SCALE (above) that will aid you in the process of your first big project challenge which you will be introduced to in the upcoming days.

I want you guys to also check out this video and link to an optical illusion that most of you have seen before, but might help you in understanding how value works.

Check-board Illusion website

Explanation on using the Value Illusion

Painting: Introduction to Watercolor Techniques

  1. Experiment with various watercolor painting techniques in an effort to gain MASTERY SKILLS
  2. Evaluate the significance of using different type paint brushes in an effort to solve painting problems

We are going to start creating “Handbook” that will guide you throughout not only the watercolor process, but also be able to help you understand how certain tools work and why/when you would use them.  This “Handbook” will not be turned in, and should be viewed as tool or aid in helping you not only gain confidence within various painting skills, but also help in practicing these techniques on your way to develop your painting skills.

Ceramics: Pinch Pot Hand-building Techniques

  1. Continue to experiment with various HAND-BUILDING techniques, in an effort to improve your ceramic skills.
  2. Demonstrate application of PINCHING and PULLING by applying basic hand-building techniques to a set of PINCH POTS
While a lot of students will argue that this type of building seems “elementary.” There are a lot of interesting observations that can be made just by using your hands.

Today we will continue along with yesterday’s class, however we are going to work together on the building of a set of pinch pots.  There will be some specific requirements that these pots need to have, but this will not be an issue for you considering stepping your through the process in today’s class.

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