Goals for the Day: Thurs. Sept. 17

Intro to Art: WORKING with Value (cont.)

  1. Continue to work with various levels of VALUE while using specific drawing tools
  2. Demonstrate BLENDING and ERASING techniques in order to achieve smooth TRANSITIONS while creating a VALUE SCALE

Since class time is going to be limited today, I really want you to focus on the specific requirements that were laid out for you yesterday in regards to what the VALUE SCALE needed.  Probably the most important, is understanding specifically which pencils were used to create a value, and what the value resembles when being compared to whats surrounding it.

Painting: Introduction to Watercolor Techniques (cont.)

  1. Experiment with various watercolor painting techniques in an effort to gain MASTERY SKILLS
  2. Evaluate the significance of using different type paint brushes in an effort to solve painting problems

Class time will be rather limiting today, which means we may not be able to experiment with too many techniques, however I want to drive home the point that the HELP FOLDER will give you a pretty good idea as to the final appearance of these techniques.  So whether you’re in class, or working at home, you can visually check your work against the examples in the folder.

Ceramics: Pinch Pot Hand-building Techniques (cont.)

  1. Continue to work with specific HAND-BUILDING techniques, in an effort to improve your ceramic skills.
  2. Demonstrate application of PINCHING and PULLING by applying basic hand-building techniques to a set of PINCH POTS

Time is incredibly limited today, but still there is a chance that you can greatly affect your projects.  We will discuss a few “fine tuning” techniques that are always nice to now about, however our goal today should be focused on PINCHING and PULLING the clay equally to create our set.

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