Goals for the Day: Monday, Sept.

Intro to Art: Value Study Challenge Project

  1. Show your ability to proficiently understand and be aware of VALUE by transferring appropriate shades from a reference image.
  2. Students will utilize prior knowledge by referring to their VALUE SCALE techniques to replicate specific tones.

This is an exciting day…

You will all be starting on your very first PROJECT CHALLENGE of the year.  We will spend some time in class, not only discussing the specifics about this project, but also some helpful hints as you work towards completing it for the deadline.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the help folder(s) for this project and where they are located on the website.

Painting 1: Watercolor Handbook (cont.)

  1. Continue experimenting with various watercolor techniques to gain a working knowledge of best practices, by participating in a teacher led demonstration

Our goal this week is to wrap up the handbook so that we can start in on your very first project challenge by the end of the week.  While I don’t want to rush you, I also do not want to spend too much more time “explaining.”  My goal for this week’s class is to wrap up our demonstrations so that you have a working knowledge of exactly how watercolor will react to your movements, and what to expect from various techniques.


Ceramics 1: Relief Stamp

  1. Continue to demonstrate application of HAND-BUILDING techniques by creating a RELIEF STAMP
  2. Be able to predict the level of success that your stamp will have based off of prior knowledge

This is going to be an AWESOME week (ok a little over the top).  Seriously, we are going to start firing up our brand new kilns this week and final get a chance to see what a FINISHED piece of ceramic work looks like.  I know throughout this process, there have been days that have been pretty boring and repetitive.  Soon we will be “firing on all cylinders” and producing more and more unique pieces of work.  It is important that you guys are aware of the firing schedule, as this will definitely play out in the production of your project(s).

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