Goals for the Day: Tues. Sept. 22

Intro to Art: Value Study Challenge Project

  1. Show your ability to proficiently understand and be aware of VALUE by transferring appropriate shades from a reference image.
  2. Utilize your prior knowledge by referring to their VALUE SCALE techniques to replicate specific tones.

Today is going to be a work day, as is the remainder of the the days this week (with the exception of Friday of course).  I’d like you guys to take a moment towards the end of the day to fill out our class “GOAL SHEET” to give me a little feedback as to whether or not you hit your mark for the day.  Goals are incredibly important to the art making process, but they need to be realistic.  It is ok if you don’t hit your goal on a given day, but what’s important is understanding not only why but what needs to be adjusted to hit tomorrow’s mark!  Good Luck!


Painting 1: Watercolor Handbook (wrap-up)

  1. Continue experimenting with various watercolor techniques to gain a working knowledge of best practices, by participating in a teacher led demonstration

I know many of you are getting bored with the continuous demonstration of watercolor techniques, but hopefully we saved the best for last.  An important announcement, tomorrow I will be assigning your very first painting.  While there will be a bit of presentation, Q & A, and research time, I want you guys to be aware that you will also need to be on the look out for Painters Tape, as it will be required for your first painting.


Ceramics 1:  Relief Stamp

  1. Continue to demonstrate application of HAND-BUILDING techniques by creating a RELIEF STAMP
  2. Be able to predict the level of success that your stamp will have based off of prior knowledge

Our first load is out of the kiln and I’m happy to say that it was a success!  We will continue to fire all this week, and hopefully you are aware of how the the few days will affect your project(s).  Be sure to have a game plan and be certain that your project(s) fulfill all the necessary requirements.

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