Goals for the Day: Monday, Sept. 28

Intro to Art: Value Study Challenge Project

  1. Show your ability to proficiently understand and be aware of VALUE by transferring appropriate shades from a reference image.
  2. Utilize your prior knowledge by referring to their VALUE SCALE techniques to replicate specific tones.

4 days left and counting. The rest of this week will be work days, and I hope you are all in a “groove” and aware of the deadline.  Many of you are still not ACTIVELY participating in the “GOAL SHEET” to give me a little feedback as to whether or not you hit your mark for the day.  Goals are incredibly important to the art making process, but they need to be realistic.  It is OK if you don’t hit your goal on a given day, but what’s important is understanding not only why but what needs to be adjusted to hit tomorrow’s mark considering how much time is left!  Good Luck!


Painting 1: Watercolor Handbook (wrap-up)

  1. Apply your comprehension skills for developing a personal piece of artwork by following the steps outlined in your thumbnail painting(s).

So I am sure many of you are aware that we still have some time to work on our first piece together.  Since presenting this project challenge, I have fielded a lot of questions “What if’s,” “Can I do…,”and “Does it look good’s” and to be honest, it is getting tiring.  Remember exactly what this challenge was really about.  Before you “JUMP” into your final piece think about these ideas:

  • Do I have a few songs in mind?
  • What type of COLORS work the best for this piece?
  • Is there any value in PRE-PLANNING a few thumbnails for this piece?
  • Have I covered all 4 REQUIREMENTS with the idea that I have in my head?

There is a lot to consider here.  Be sure your giving your idea enough time to develop.  It may not be a good idea to just jump into the composition without knowing what your next step is going to be.

Ceramics 1:  Relief Stamp and Pinch Pot set

  1. Continue to demonstrate application of HAND-BUILDING techniques by creating a RELIEF STAMP
  2. Be able to predict the level of success that your stamp will have based off of prior knowledge

We had a great firing over the home-coming week.  Now we will move onto the last few days of work and spend a bit more time discussing GLAZE and how to successfully use/manage it on your projects.  Be aware of the “extended” due date, and be thinking about your next move.

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