Goals for the Day: Oct. 5 2015

Intro to Art: How to do LINE

  1. Demonstrate your drawing skills by applying various characteristics of LINE by following a demonstration.
  2. Apply comprehension skills for understanding qualities and characteristics of LINE by explaining to each other various examples of LINE

We’re going to continue with some talk about VALUE (we didn’t just forget about it), however, to do this we are taking a look at another important part of art called: LINE.  I know, I know…seems simple enough so what is the catch.  Through the next week, we will not only be discussing various characteristics about LINE (like how to define it) but also how it can be used effectively to create various outcomes.  The purpose of this is to add another tool to your arsenal for creating art.


Painting 1: Abstract Color Theory Composition

  1. Apply your comprehension and watercolor skills for developing a personal piece of artwork by following the steps outlined in your per-painting.

Ceramics 1: What is SYMMETRY and BALANCE (and why should I care)

  1. Identify specific characteristics of SYMMETRY and BALANCE used in fine art as well as architectural sculpture.
  2. Apply your  comprehension skills for BALANCE and SYMMETRY by creating a DIA DE MUERTOS design

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