Goals for the Day: Mon. Oct. 12

Intro to Art: Lines used to Create Cross Contours

Shape Challenge SHADING

  1. effectively show their comprehension of FORM by using CROSS CONTOUR line techniques to show three-dimensions.
  2. ask any questions about the in class exercise by asking questions using proper vocabulary terms.

We are going to jump right back in where we left off last week with CROSS CONTOUR LINES.  Today I’d like you to focus on the Shape Challenge handout you received last Thurs. and start to locate the CROSS CONTOURS.  Remember some of our examples from past classes and think about what the object would look like if it was “wrapped in string”

Shape Challenge Requirements for use on Tuesday’s class work.

Painting 1: Watercolor Pencil Techniques

  1. identify proper watercolor pencil techniques by following along with a teacher demonstration.

This week (since its a very short week) we will wrap up our focus with watercolor by utilizing watercolor pencils.  These techniques that will be demonstrated and then practiced by you, are just another tool for you to use when applying watercolor to achieve a specific appearance.

Ceramics 1: Dia De Muertos Skulls

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