Goals for the Day: Tues. Oct. 13

Intro to Art: Shape Challenge Deadline

  1. effectively show their comprehension of FORM by using CROSS CONTOUR line techniques to show three-dimensions.
  2. ask any questions about the in class exercise by asking questions using proper vocabulary terms.

As you work through the hour remember the requirements for this work:

  1. Your drawing must be from one of the six practice versions you worked with in class.
  2. Your drawing must take up 75% of the sketchbook page
  3. A previously practiced pen & ink style has been chosen and properly rendered across the new 3-D object     (erase all pencil lines)
  4. the drawing is properly posted online using the hashtag    #MHSshapeCHALLENGE

Painting 1: Watercolor Pencil Techniques (cont.)

  1. identify proper watercolor pencil techniques by following along with a teacher demonstration.

Today, we will focus on locating those CONTOURS of a FORM, by using some basic geometric “shapes” to create an actual three-dimensional painting.  The specific takeaways from today’s class work should be understanding exactly which way (direction) you should apply the pencil marks and how locating this direction can help benefit a painting.

Ceramics 1: Dia De Muertos Skulls

  1. Apply your  comprehension skills for BALANCE and SYMMETRY by creating a DIA DE MUERTOS design

Considering the adjustment to our classes grading procedure that we talked about yesterday, your in class goal should be to achieve the necessary requirements that have been outlined in the HELP FOLDER for this project, at the same time meeting the SPECIFIC standards that need to be reached during the CONSTRUCTION phase of this project.

With this Thursday being the deadline for the project, there are a some necessary items that will need to be present for grading.  Be sure that you are prepared for and have those necessary items which have been described in class.

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