Goals for the Day: Feb. 2 #newwebsite #howdoesitwork

For today’s class, our main goal will be to figure out what purpose this site has to the course you are in, how to use this site effectively, and where to locate specific information.

Below, you will also find a series of short videos that we will use as a “scavenger hunt” to participate in today’s class.  Locate the class that you are in, watch the short video, and then answer the question that is presented at the end by filling out a Daily Goal – Reflection – Evaluation Form

*I am also going to include a link to the SUPPLY LIST for all of my classes at the bottom of this post.  We may not get to it by the end of today’s class, but it is something that you should review so you are aware of any materials you may need.  A reminder, you WILL NEED A SKETCHBOOK by this FRIDAY (Feb. 5)

Intro to Art Scavenger Hunt video

Painting Scavenger Hunt video

Ceramics Scavenger Hunt video


Supply List for All Classes


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