Feb. 10 #MutliColoredStencils #picmonkey

Intro to Art: Multi-Colored Stencils and Digital Aides

So when we left off yesterday, we were still working with the “Cardinal” stencil.  Below is an animation I made to describe visually the order of the layers you would need to apply:


I also hope to spend some time showing you guys some online tools that you can use for our upcoming project challenge.  PICMONKEY is an online photo editor (much like Photoshop) that will allow you to apply POSTERIZE filters to help separate your colors, making it easier to create a stencil.

PEACE EXCHANGE GALLERY (pick up your paintings)

Painting 2: Acrylic Paint Color Chart

Those of you that brought in your containers will start right in on creating your COLOR CHART, which is due on Friday, FEB. 12.

A color chart or color reference card is a flat, physical object that has many different color samples present. They can be available as a one page chart, or in the form of swatchbooks or color-matching fans.

This tool is incredibly helpful to all sorts of artists, and can be seen in a variety of different ways.

an example of a graphic designers Hexadecimal Color Chart

Question to Reflect:  What types of characteristics of the paint do you notice are different from what you are use to using in watercolor?  What type of purpose do you see this color chart having while you work through out the semesters?  Is this just “busy” work, or does it actually have a purpose?



Ceramics 2: Stamp and Scentsy Challenge

Since the majority of students are wrapping up there project stamp, I wanted to take some time to present your first REAL, Project Challenge:


Don’t forget you can find a copy of this presentation, as well as some images to get started on designs in this projects HELP FOLDER…located here!!!

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