Thurs. Feb. 11 #digitalstencils #colorchart #scentsychallenge

Intro to Art: Working with Digital Images

Take a look at the two images below:

300 dpi example
72 dpi example

Do you notice anything?

Today we are going to take time in class to discuss some important information when working with digital images.  If you missed class today, you are going to want to familiarize yourself with these terms:

  • DPI: Dot’s per inch. The number of dots in a printed inch. The more dot’s the higher the quality of the print (more sharpness and detail).
  • Resolution: Resolution is the measure of pixels in the display, usually expressed in measurements of width x height. For example a monitor that is 1920 x 1080 is 1920 pixels across and 1080 pixels down.

Try watching this short video for a bit more information.


Once you’ve got the hang of the terminology, its time to work with some images.  Below you will find a HELP FOLDER LINK, to some images that I’d like you to experiment with using the POSTERIZE filter at PICMONKEY.  Which image do you think will give you the best stencil?



Ceramics 2: Stamp and Scentsy Challenge

Since the majority of students are wrapping up there project stamp, I wanted to take some time to present your first REAL, Project Challenge:

Don’t forget you can find a copy of this presentation, as well as some images to get started on designs in this projects HELP FOLDER…located here!!!

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