Wed. Feb. 17

Intro To Art: Stencil Challenge

When we last met, we were working with a few different approaches to creating a 2 color stencil for the project.  Today we will continue along with this challenge, reviewing the requirements and answering any necessary questions that come up.

This is a shortened week, so remember, the time laid out in the presentation may not be what it seems to be, so how will you utilize class time efficiently?

Reflection Question:  After taking into consideration all the requirements and the specifics of this project, I’d like to here from you on areas you believe you will succeed the most in, and areas where you feel like more of your focus in class will have to be.


Painting 2:Paint Swatch Critique and Keith Haring Challenge

What type of visual characteristics do you see in the above work. By Keith Haring.

We are going to spend sometime today taking a look back on the color swatches that were turned in on Friday, but also comparing some of these observations to your upcoming painting challenge.

Be sure to collect your canvas board if you were absent today, at the start of the next class.

UPDATE: I know we didn’t have a ton of time in class, but I figured I would attach the slides for the painting challenge, so that you could familiarize yourself with the requirements.



Ceramics 2: Scentsy Challenge

Not much to say today.  We are returning for a nice 4 day break, but we are also returning to 7 class periods till our deadline.

Last week I stressed to importance of having a goal, a plan, and a path for this projects direction.  This project is constantly being referred to as a CHALLENGE because there are items that you will have to consider and make adjustments for when walking into this class on a daily basis.

By no means is this a day off.  You know the project, the requirements, and the deadline.  Make studio time work for you!



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