Thurs. Feb. 18 #stencilchallenge #KeithHaring #scentsychallenge

Intro to Art: Stencil Challenge

  • Apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks by creating a two color stencil artwork based off of the work Shepherd Fairey’s Obama “HOPE” poster.
  • Communicate ideas regularly at a high level of effectiveness in at least one visual arts medium by using content specific vocabulary words in their DAILY GOAL forms.

When we last met, we were working with a few different approaches to creating a 2 color stencil for the project.  Today we will continue along with this challenge, reviewing the requirements and answering any necessary questions that come up.

This is a shortened week, so remember, the time laid out in the presentation may not be what it seems to be, so how will you utilize class time efficiently?

Reflection Question:  After taking into consideration all the requirements and the specifics of this project, I’d like to here from you on areas you believe you will succeed the most in, and areas where you feel like more of your focus in class will have to be.

Painting 2: Keith Haring Challenge

  • Analyze and interpret artworks for relationships among form, context, purposes, and critical models, showing understanding of the work of critics, historians, aestheticians, and artists by being able to identify painting characteristics such as blending, color mixing, and consistency in their color swatch work.
  • Correlate responses to works of visual art with various techniques for communicating meanings, ideas, attitudes, views, and intentions by identifying visual characteristics in KEITH HARING’S art work and keeping a written list.

We will spend some time today reviewing the necessary aspects to your ACTION PLAN requirement, but also spending some time to do VISUAL research on the vast catalog of Keith Haring’s work that existences.

Question(s) to Reflect: What NEW ideas might you have had about COLOR and SHAPE in the art you plan on creating?


Ceramics 2: Scentsy Challenge

Day 4 of 10

  • Initiate, define, and solve challenging visual arts problems independently using intellectual skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation by creating a ACTION PLAN 
  • Discuss their choices and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas by being able to defend the choices made with their peers.

REFLECTION / EVALUATION: Consider all the requirements that have been presented with this midterm project.  Which areas do you believe will be more demanding when trying to solve?  Which areas do you believe you will easily succeed at?  Choose one option to describe in detail.


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