Monday, Feb. 29 #sickday

No “help videos” today.

The guest teacher has a description of each classes projects and a set of expectations which you will need to meet during your hour.

Please remember, just like any other day, before you leave, be sure to post a “Daily Goal” so that you can recieve credit for the work that you’ve accomplished today.


Painting 2: Artist Statement for Keith Haring Challenge

Ceramics 2: Scentsy Challenge

I aplogize to you all for not being there on such an important day.

While you can still go through the steps needed to evaluate, I will ask that you take a photo and either email/post it, with your name and the hashtag #ScentsyChallenge

Your photo will need to include the following:

  • proof of your candle being lit
  • proof of your wax cube being fully melted
  • your ACTION PLAN placed directly underneath your project to catch any dripping wax

You will also be watching an episode of FACE-OFF today from the 8th season which we will use as inspiration for your next project challenge.  While you may be confused as to what it is I am asking you to do, just watch the episode, and pay careful attention to the steps each contestant take.


One Reply to “Monday, Feb. 29 #sickday”

  1. Finishing up the rest of my project, will turn it in by 1st hour tomorrow

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