Tues. Mar. 1 #introwatercolor

Intro to Art: Introduction to Painting with Watercolor

What is your background or expertise with paint?

The goal this week was to introduce you watercolor, the who’s, the what’s, and the how’s.  Most people will come in today and ask, “Are we painting?”  To which the response is a pretty typical…”Yes.”

My goal for you guys is to learn useful techniques, and not just “PLAY” with the paint.  Most people will take a relaxed approach to this, but I will stress that the steps and techniques we are going to take are going to be repeated in a project challenge that comes directly after these demonstrations.

Reflection Question:  What do you or have you already experienced with paint?  Considering all the things we discussed in class today, what is ONE thing that was new to you that had been presented in class?

Ceramics 2: Royal Flush Challenge


3 Replies to “Tues. Mar. 1 #introwatercolor”

  1. U used water color mostly back in elementary school, then a little in middle school.

  2. I already know about acrylic paint I use it last year in a ceramic class and I know about wager color paint I know that the more water you add the light the paint is going to be

  3. I’ve painted before for making portraits of my parents as a gift, I used paint from Walmart called Matte Acrylic paint that. I’m not sure if it is like water colored paint but I used that paint with paint brushes that were synthetic, about five dollars spent for a pack of eight. I liked using acrylic because it seemed easy to use and to “play” with as I experienced more with it since tenth grade.

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