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Painting 2: Saturday Morning Heroes Challenge

Last week, we held a discussion on old cartoons shows that we grew up on, today we are going to return to that conversation as the motivation for our next project.

Building a painting up through layers is one of the most important techniques to learn when mastering any style of paint.  Building upon this process, you will be asked to create a LAYERED (literally) painting of an old cartoon character, but with a twist…

Saturday Morning Heroes

Using the recent (and widely popular) Marvel Hip Hop variant covers as inspiration, you will be tasked with creating two paintings that will be layered together.  Your painting will match a cartoon character of your choice with an album cover of your choice.

The “twist” for this project will be…the cover of the album will need to be altered in a way that matches the cartoon character and style of the show.


  1. Each student will be asked to create an ACTION PLAN which will feature the following information:
    1. cartoon character
    2. musical album
    3. emailed images to
    4. colors needed to complete the painting.
  2. The cartoon character will be painted on an ACETATE film which will need to show the students ability to both create clean line work, as well as layer the acrylic colors in the proper order
  3. The album “art” will be painted on a separate layer of watercolor, using basic watercolor techniques, but following the album art as inspiration.
  4. An ARTIST STATEMENT will be filled out describing and detailing the decisions made by the artist.

here are some helpful links to get inspiration from:

Straight Outta Comic Books: Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Catalog

Side by Side comparison of Comic art and Album art


Ceramics 2: Royal Flush Challenge

  • Initiate, define, and solve challenging visual arts problems independently using intellectual skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation by creating a ACTION PLAN 
  • Discuss their choices and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas by being able to defend the choices made with their peers.

Project Requirements



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