Thurs. March 10 #surrealismthumbnails #saturdaymorningheroes #royalflush

Good Morning and good afternoon…

It’s pretty early over here so I’ll let the video do the talking:

Hashtags to use for each class:

  • Intro to Art: #MHSsurrealism
  • Painting 2 : #MHSvariantalbum
  • Ceramics 2: #MHSroyalflush

Intro to Art: Surrealism Thumbnails

So before you get started, check out this quick refresher on what Surrealism actually is:

So, this should have helped or it may have just confused you more, but your goal for today is to start in on your Surrealism Challenge by creating the thumbnails that will be featured in the painting.  Below you can find a copy of the presentation with the specifics of the assignment.  Good Luck!!!

Surrealism Presentation and Requirements


Painting 2: Saturday Morning Heroes

There’s not much to say about today’s class, other than it’s business as usual.  Keep up the hard work, and focus on your cartoon cel.  I was able to find a video on Youtube that explains the animation process in pretty good detail, and while this isn’t an animation project, it might help to see what process other artist go through to get there work done. Take a look:

Ceramics 2: Royal Flush Challenge

Hopefully, this post finds you guys in better spirits than yesterday.  Having explosions go off in the kiln when a deadline is right around the corner is a tough thing to deal with, but part of the challenge to this project was to see how well each student was at handling speed bumps that come up throughout the process.

Reflection Question: While it was excepted that you were filling out Daily Goal forms throughout this process, I can say with confidences that the majority of the class is forgetting about this step.  So, to help you guys out, I’d like to hear your answer to this question, and it will take the place of every goal posting that was due for this project.

Now that you’ve had some time to reflect on the state of your project, what steps do you think may have been “pushed off” or forgotten about in regards to completing this challenge?  Did you have a “Plan B” ? Explain why or why not, and be as descriptive as you can in discussing your next steps.

2 Replies to “Thurs. March 10 #surrealismthumbnails #saturdaymorningheroes #royalflush”

  1. Where can I find the copy of the presentation with the specifics of the assignment?

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