Friday, March 18 #MysteryMedia #SaturdayMorningHeroes #RoyalFlush

Intro to Art: Mystery Media Day (a new challenge?)

Reflection Question: A lot happened today for the supposed “Sketchbook Challenge”. While you weren’t necessarily “drawing” something in your sketchbook today, I did challenge you with a material (media) that wouldn’t be considered a “traditional” art material.  I’d like you to answer one of the following questions below on our digital goal form to receive credit today:

  • What type of feeling did you get when you saw what the “Mystery Media” was?
  • How did this change your original approach to what you planned on accomplishing today?
  • What type of challenge(s) did working with this “Mystery Media” present?
  • Why would you/would you not use this material in the future?
  • What do you think the purpose of using this material today really served?


Painting 2: Saturday Morning Heroes

  • Apply subjects, symbols, and ideas in their artworks and use the skills gained to solve problems by carrying out the choices made in their ACTION PLAN.
  • Describe the origins of specific images and ideas and explain why they are of value in their artwork and in the work of others by answering the REFLECTION/EVALUATION question:

Reflection Question:  Out of all the information that was presented today, which requirements do you feel will be the easiest for you to carry out in acrylic paint for your upcoming project?  Which requirements do you feel will be the toughest to follow through with?

So a quick review of where everyone is at today…

I also want to take a bit of time in the beginning of class to discuss in depth the actual requirements to this challenge before you get to invested in your piece.  For a copy of the presentation look below:

Ceramics 2: Royal Flush Challenge (Evaluation)

Before we jump into our evaluation, I want to get some feedback from you…Select ONE question below to use as your response to today’s REFLECTION QUESTION:

  • What do you feel the main purpose of this challenge really was?
  • What about your original approach to the challenge made you feel confident or nervous about the work ahead?
  • How did you approach the “PROJECT TWIST” in relation to your first evaluation grade?
  • What type of adjustments do you see yourself making to the way you approach challenges like this in the future?



4 Replies to “Friday, March 18 #MysteryMedia #SaturdayMorningHeroes #RoyalFlush”

  1. I think the main purpose was to expose us to different techniques when it comes to painting. Maybe if we don’t have art supplies at home we can try ideas like look aid to paint with

  2. 1. I thought we would go on social media
    2. I was going to just draw and paint with water color
    3. What kind of Kool aid am I going to paint with
    4. Cause it’s cheap
    5. A chance to change your perspective of what you can paint with

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