Fri. March 24 #deadlineday

Intro to Art: Surrealism Challenge Deadline

Just a reminder…

At the end of the hour, you will be turning in your watercolor “Surrealism Challenge” projects.

Double check the requirements for this project, as these will be the areas of focused used for evaluation:

  • 1.Your painting must use at least 5 thumbnails from the past“Surrealism Worksheet.”
    • *1 Distortion, 1 Proportion and 3 other thumbnails at your discretion
  • 2. The final piece needs to be composed with a LANDSCAPE (or setting)…
  • 3. There must be evidence within this piece of a least 3 watercolor techniques from our class experiments.
  • 4.The final work needs to LOOK (read) as ONE whole image.  The thumbnails are actually INTERACTING with one another.

One additional request.  I would like you to write down the words that you focused on using from your thumbnail sheet.  You may write this in a list form on the back of the artwork.

Painting 2: Saturday Morning Heroes Deadline

As you know, your current project is due today.

Below is a list of the requirements that your painting should hit on:

  1.  Cartoon character has been properly traced and painted using acrylic paint and sharpie.
  2. Album art has been successfully rendered on watercolor paper with all the necessary information to communicate an album cover
  3. Both paintings are submitted as a “LAYERED” painting with the proper attachment
  4. An ARTIST STATEMENT has been submitted following the proper procedure.

You can find a copy of the ARTIST STATEMENT form on our Google Classroom site

Ceramics 2: Intergalactic Champions ACTION PLAN Deadline

Today is the day in which you will present/turn in your ACTION PLAN detailing the necessary information which was required to start the production of your award/trophy.

Below you will find the presentation with the requirement slides, outlining in detail the specifics goals and objectives of this project.

Project Requirements

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