Tues. April 4 #historyofanimation #memoryproject #intergalacticchampions

Intro to Art: A Brief (Awesome) History of Animation

While the history of Animation is incredibly awesome to document and go back through, there is definitely not enough time to be able to go through every technical advancement that came about. The following video does a really nice job discussing in a rather short timeframe the roots of animation, where it came from, and how it was performed, along with some advancements that we are comfortable with today:

Some important information that we will discuss today involves the discovery of 2 (two) very important terms, which you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Keyframe
  • In between Frame


Painting 2: Memory Project Handout & Discussion

You can find digital copies of your portraits by following this link…CLICK HERE

As well as our Memory Project Calendar:

Note some of the important dates as we will be spending some time today discussing exactly what responsibilities they include.

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