Wed. May 25 #LegacyTileChallenge #CeilingTileChallenge

Ceramics 2 and Intro to Art: Legacy Tiles

Intro to Art Final Exam Study Guide 

Ceramics MIDTERM_Final Study Guide

We will be spending some time tomorrow playing “ASK ME ANOTHER” in preparation for the upcoming exams.  This is partly due to the fact that our seniors only have a few days left.

Upon realizing this point, as the seniors work through their final responsibilities to this class, the rest of you will be presented with your FINAL PROJECT outline.  Shareable links will be up at the start of next week so that you can see all the necessary information and be prepared for this last challenge and be ultimately successful.

  • Follow your created plan for which they will follow specific steps in building a work of art, by completing an ACTION PLAN.
  • Be able to orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

We have 2 days left before the deadline for this project is upon us.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with what is being asked of you to complete, and important dates on the calendar for firing. 

Painting 2: Ceiling Tile Challenge

Final Exam Study Guide 2015-2016

Painting Final Exam Review (1)

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the pages that are included in this study guide.  We will spend some time throughout class talking about the exam, but more importantly you will have an opportunity to ask questions that you would like further explanation on.

Keep in mind there are some up and coming deadlines for all students that are quickly approaching:

June 1: Senior Digital Portfolios are due (links are emailed in and ALL DOCUMENTS are shared)

May 31- June 1: Senior Exams

June 8: Underclassmen Portfolios are due


Click on the link below to find times that you can reserve the projector for in aiding your painting.


Keep in mind these two rules:

  1. Tile must be completely PRIMED and DRY
  2. A reference image must be already SHARED with account

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