Tues. Sept. 13 #valuescale #drawingpencils #pretest

Intro to Art: Drawing Pencil and Value Scales

  1. Demonstrate comprehension for VALUE by listening to PowerPoint presentation and following an in-class demonstration of the various drawing tools which will be used in classroom exercise(s) such as a student created value scale
  2. Orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

Before we start, I’d like you guys to check out this video real quick…

Ok, I know that many of you have seen this before, but this little optical illusion (which is pretty simple to explain for most people) is the key to “drawing more realistically.”

Yesterday you were introduced to a handful of tools that you will be utilizing the next few days to create a value scale like the one pictured below:

The most important part of this activity is to make sure that you can clearly see the 10 different levels of gray (from light to dark).  Be sure as you work on your scale over the next couple of days, you are aware of the tools that you have at your disposal, but also the reason and correct ways you would use those tools.

Graphic Com: Pre-Test Day 3 of 3

Today will start day 3 of 3 that you will have to work on this course’s Pre-Test.  Remember a pre-test is not something that is held against your grade, however , it is an important indicator as to the personal knowledge and skills that you have as an individual.

You will be following this link to our course’s EDMODO page in order to review the two pre-test options as well as download the needed files.  Remember that I teach 3 courses, so you will need the proper code to get access to your hour’s files.

Drawing: Pre-Test

Day 2 of 3.  While the artist’s view will be your choice, the “playing field” will be level for everyone considering your model.  The following aspects of a finished drawing should be considered for this pre-test:

  • Layout and Scale:  How big will you be making this sketch?
  • Materials:  Which drawing materials are you the strongest with?
  • Basic Shapes:  Your ability to break down complex looking forms into basic geometric shapes
  • Value/Color: The ability to create slight detail using shades and tints.
  • Perspective: The “optical illusion” of making your drawing look three dimensional.

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