Fri. Sept. 16 #sketchbookchallenge #instagramlogo

Intro to Art and Drawing: Sketchbook Challenge #2

  • DEMONSTRATE their understanding of the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.

So sketch challenge #2…

What does it take to make a day a “National Holiday?”  It seems every morning, as I sit drinking a cup of coffee, the news anchor tells me about some completely random holiday (like National Pancake Day…look it up, it’s real)

Anyways…For today’s sketch challenge, I’d like you to create a flyer that promotes a completely random national holiday.  You can have some fun with this and choose something that is completely useless, make up your own day, or take a bit more serious tone and raise awareness for an important date.

Remember, you’ll have the full class period to use any materials that you desire, but you will be required to post your work either on social media (#MHSsketchbookchallenge) or email a photo of your work.  Be sure your profile/post is set to public and/or you have your name on your email message.

Graphic Design: Instagram Wrap-Up

We will wrap up our design work today on the Instagram logo that we started working on this past Wednesday.  We have just a few more steps to complete, but I’ve had a few students ask where they could find a demonstration video of the steps we have already done.

If you do a YouTube search, there will be plenty of different results, but the video that best fits the steps that we have made so far is linked below:

I look forward to your submissions!



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