Monday, Sept. 19 #ValueScaleChallenge #IconChallenge

Intro to Art: Value Scale Half-n-Half Challenge

Well, here we are, our first big PROJECT CHALLENGE…

Below you will find the requirements to this challenge along with some simple tips and tricks to keep in mind as you progress through this challenge.

Today, I will demonstrate the best way to start out this project, regardless of your “drawing” level.  I also want to talk about what makes an image “good” to use as a reference for this challenge as well as the best way to search the internet for these images.


Student Demonstration:

Graphic Com: 5 Day, 5 Icon Challenge

  • Create a photoshop icon using Character Tool, Gradient, Blending Mode, and Polygonal Lasso Tool(s)

Today we will start our 5 day challenge and try to recreate icons from the following mobile device applications:

  • Facebook
  • Pandora
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • App Store

While many of you are still getting the hang of the many features that Photoshop has to offer, none of these icons were created using tools that would be impossible for you to successfully operate.  Just in case though, I will help you out along the way with the process you will need to take to start creating these icons on your own.

Below is a copy to a CHEAT SHEET on the specific button locations that Photoshop has for you to use:


Additionally, you will be able to download all the necessary information from our class Edmodo site.

Drawing : Value Scale

  1. Demonstrate comprehension for VALUE by listening to PowerPoint presentation and following an in-class demonstration of the various drawing tools which will be used in classroom exercise(s) such as a student created value scale
  2. Orally ask questions about the techniques demonstrated during class time using content specific vocabulary and complete sentences.

Yesterday you were introduced to a handful of tools that you will be utilizing the next few days to create a value scale like the one pictured below:

The most important part of this activity is to make sure that you can clearly see the 10 different levels of gray (from light to dark).  Be sure as you work on your scale over the next couple of days, you are aware of the tools that you have at your disposal, but also the reason and correct ways you would use those tools.

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