Wednesday, Sept. 28 #ValueChallenge #AppButton Challenge

Intro to Art and Drawing: Half-n-Half Value Challenge

  1.  Show proficiency and utilize prior knowledge in their understanding and awareness of VALUE by transferring appropriate shades from a reference image by referring to their VALUE SCALE to locate values in their image.
  2. Orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

We are entering the last few days of work dedicated to this project and I think it is important to revisit the purpose of this challenge.

The goal was for each of you to not only be able to use the drawing pencils to shade values but be able to identify the subtle differences between those values and what steps/tools you could use to achieve those values.

As you work throughout the next few days on this project, I’d like you to ask yourself whether or not you’re representing the values that are present on your image properly and if not what types of steps do you need to take to get those values to match.

Be sure to fill out a GOAL FORM for the work you’ve completed today as well.

Graphic Coms: App Button Design Challenge

  1. Plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information and other resources for their App Button Design.
  2. Utilize prior working knowledge to effectively carry out their intentions while using content specific vocabulary to discuss concerns with their work.

3 days left and counting.  Many of you will have started work on your app icon, and be focused on reaching the requirements over the next few days.  While there is not going to be any specific teaching coming from my end, I will be walking around to give my advice and support to aid in the creation of your idea.


This project will be due Oct. 1 at midnight.  Refer to your hour’s Edmodo site for supplemental materials.

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