Thurs. Oct. 6 #penandink #shapechallenge #layermasks #contourdrawing

Intro to Art: Shape Challenge

  • Identify the various ways to properly use PEN and INK by practicing value techniques in their sketchbook.
  • Orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

Today, we will be approaching the techniques we had discussed yesterday in a much different fashion.  Since we spent some time yesterday discussing CONTOUR LINE and CROSS CONTOUR LINE and how these characteristics can help us determine where to add “shading” at, I am going to challenge you guys to practice your skills on some organic shapes.*

*see handout

Graphic Coms: Blending Modes and Layer Masks

  • Use layer masks and blending modes in Photoshop to create varying affects on photographs
  • Discuss questions and answers using content specific vocabulary.

We will start a simple exercise that will put to task your abilities to use the tools discussed throughout this week to create a mock-up magazine cover that will use both blending mode techniques and layer masks.

Drawing: Contour Line Drawing

  • Apply their understanding of LINE by practicing CONTOUR LINE leaf exercise.
  • Identify characteristics of line by taking visual notes in their sketchbooks.

Today we will be discuss the benefits of tracing an image with your eye before you start to draw, and some useful techniques to use to “check” your contour line drawing skills.

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