Monday, Oct. 10 #penandinkchallenge #illustration #magazinecoverchallenge #drawingfromobservation #paperbag

Intro to Art: Pen and Ink Challenge

  • Solve the issue of creating a one of a kind drawing, by selecting an illustration from a children’s book to render in PEN & INK technique(s).
  • Listen for the specific requirements for the project by following along with a GUIDED PRESENTATION

Today, we will start on a simple challenge which will wrap up our first six weeks together.  Be sure to follow the appropriate links for this class to review the project challenge’s requirements and a specific deadline.

Pen and Ink Challenge Requirements

Graphic Coms: Magazine Cover Challenge

  • Use layers and blending modes in Photoshop to create varying affects on photographs
  • Discuss questions and answers using content specific vocabulary. 

You will have the remainder of the week to work on the challenge that was outlined in last Friday’s class.  Keep in mind, while the project may seem relatively simple, there are specific requirements that you each are responsible for showing your ability to understand.

Refer to the attached slide for project requirements and outline.

Drawing: Paper Bag Challenge (Drawing from Observation)

  • Apply your understanding for VALUE and LINE by designing a still life with drawing with various shades of graphite.
  • Orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

We will begin our first “drawing from observation” in today’s class by studying the various lines, shapes, and values that are made when a paper bag is crumbled up.  Each student will work throughout the next 5 days to create a finished drawing which illustrates their ability to consider composition and drawing tools when creating a “finished” drawing.

Paper Bag Still Life Examples

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