Fri. Oct. 21 #sketchbookchallenge #installingbrushes #workingwithbrushes

Intro to Art and Drawing: Sketchbook Challenge #1

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding for the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.

Inktober Challenge:

You will use some supplies that I will provide in class for this challenge, and before you start you will need to be aware of how these items will be used.

  1. Using no more that a DIME size of paint, place a dot anywhere on your picture plane.
  2. Next use the cotton swab to “move” the paint around, or simply clean up the excess paint left over.
  3. With a “paint stain” left on your paper, use Sharpie marker to develop a SCENE that incorporates this new paint shape along with the lines you draw.

Remember this is a sketchbook challenge day, so you will be given time in class to approach this challenge, and 24 hrs. to finish the challenge by posting/submitting your image through email or the social media (Instagram or Twitter).


Graphic Coms: Working with Newly Installed Fonts and Brushes

  • Demonstrate your abilities to work with previously downloaded fonts and images to create a unique image.
  • Orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using content specific vocabulary.

For the past few days, we have been having fun downloading both fonts and brushes from the internet.  This is something that you will, no doubt have fun with as the semester goes on, however, we haven’t yet utilized these elements in any type of design.

Today, while we will all be using the same image, I am going to challenge you with creating a unique image using the  steps we have been practicing throughout the week.

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