Fri. Nov. 11 #sketchbookchalleng #typographyportrait

Intro to Art and Drawing : Sketchbook Challenge #4 (Campaign Sign)

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding for the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.

Campaign Sign Challenge:

Following the layout of a basic campaign sign, each student will have to design what their’s presidential sign would look like visual, using textual designs and color.

  1.  Your sign (drawing) will need to not only feature your name but your running mate’s name as well as your team’s campaign slogan.
  2. Each sign will be limited to no more than 4 colors. 
  3. Each sign will have to need to have 75% of the paper used and only 25% left as open negative space (white)
  4. The size of your paper will dictate the size of your sign.  NO CROPPING, CUTTING, or REMOVING of any paper to make your sign smaller.

Take a photo and post it using the hashtag:


Graphic Coms: Typography Portraits Using Text

  1. Create an EDITABLE TYPOGRAPHY portrait using text and layer masks.
  2. Listen to directions and be able to retell specific steps taken in the demonstration by checking their peers work through a private critique.

It has been a few days since this site’s last update, but I believe we are back on track and operational.

Over the past few days, we have been working with custom brushes that you have created to be used in designs.  We will continue these tutorials by creating a Typographic Portrait using found text.

This tutorial will serve as a review from the yesterday’s class, however, each student is required to complete the assignment during class time as it will be referred to in an upcoming project.  Be sure to locate the needed materials for today’s demo at your class’s Edmodo page.


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