Tues. Nov. 15 #FindingPerspective #PerspectivePractice #TypographyPortraitChallenge #ColorPencilPractice

Intro to Art: 1 Pt Perspective Practice

  1.  DEMONSTRATE your understanding for creating a 1 PT Perspective Drawing by being able to identify Horizon Lines, Vanishing Points, and Receding Lines in photographs.

Graphic Coms:  Typography Self-Portrait Challenge

  1.  DEMONSTRATE your ability to work with the SELECTION TOOL and MASKS by creating a series of unique typographic self-portrait design.

Drawing: Colored Pencil Practice

Use this as an “ANSWER KEY” for where different HUES belong.
  1.  Show your abilities to use COLOR PENCIL blending techniques to create a scale of values and hues that illustrate your understanding of basic color theory.

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