Friday, Nov. 18 #perspectiveinreallife #typographychallenge #sketchbookchallenge

Intro to Art: Perspective in Real Life

  • Provide evidence through experimentation, practice, and persistence, the demonstration of new skills and knowledge in a chosen art form by following a class demonstration on PERSPECTIVE DRAWING.
  • Write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question: 

What are two things that you think are going to be challenging in creating a SUCCESSFUL and INTERESTING image using 1 PT Perspective drawing technique(s)?

So…yesterday you were introduced to your final project for this card marking.  Depending on the hour you were in, it may have been received a few different ways, but rest assure, we will take a look at a few ideas today that you may be able to try out in class today.

Here is a link to the project presentation.

Ben Heine “Camera vs Pencil” work

Graphic Coms: Typography Self-Portrait Challenge (FINAL DAY)

Drawing: Sketchbook Challenge #5 (Written Message)

  • Engage in making a work of art or design without having a preconceived plan.
  • Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from and supports the information or explanation presented by filling out a Daily Goal Form.

Illustrated Message Challenge:

  1. Use your last social media post from Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook or a creative saying that can be written out in a creative form (ex. song lyric or inspirational quote)
  2. Draw out your design in pencil first being sure to not just write out the letters but create a whole new FONT STYLE with your drawing/writing.
  3. Be sure in your message to have at least one form of a picture featured in your writing.  (You may want to pick your post/quote/wording based on this requirement)
  4. 75-25 Rule: Be sure that 75% of your paper is used for this design leaving only 25% open as negative space.  Be sure to use elements of color and shape within your letters to fulfill this requirement.

Remember to use the hashtag:


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