Intro to Art: Introduction to Tessellations (Midterm Review)

  • Properly follow demonstrated steps to create a tessellation using the information gained in class. 
  • Orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences.

Over the next few days (before the Holiday Break) we will be reviewing some key components to this class, the projects that have been assigned, and what this all has to do with the MIDTERM PROJECT.  Be sure to check in daily to for updates as the class moves from talking about PATTERNS and MOTIFS to TESSELLATION STYLES.

Graphic Coms: Potato Chip Bag Mock-Up (Smart Object Review)

  •  Use SMART OBJECTS to create a packaging design for a product using a mockup.
  • Listen to directions and be able to retell specific steps taken in the demonstration by checking their peers work through a private critique

Having the internet go down yesterday put a bit of a wrench in our plans, however, we are going to be jumping into our last assignment of the year today.  Be sure to download any files and view videos tutorials on our classes Edmodo page to be up-to-date.

Drawing: Perspective In Real Life Challenge

  • Create multiple solutions to specific perspective problems that demonstrate competence in producing effective relationships between structural choices and artistic functions by taking reference photos throughout the school that will be used for your project.
  • Discuss your choices and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas by being able to defend the choices made with their peers by responding to the Reflection / Evaluation question:

Keeping in mind all the different characteristics of PERSPECTIVE DRAWING, what types of things could you or do you plan on doing to make your work INTERESTING.  Is it the color, the spacing, the lines?  

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