Fri. Feb #sketchbookchallenge

Intro to Art: Sketchbook Challenge #2 (Zoomed In 3-Color Challenge)

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding for the procedures of the weekly sketchbook by completing a themed/timed sketch.
  2. SUMMARIZE their opinions of their themed sketch by writing a 4-step critique

Today is your second sketchbook challenge, and more importantly, your second chance to get some quick and easy points.

Challenge Description: 

The key to this activity is that understanding that you are limited to just 45-50 mins of class time to work on solving the THEME for the weekly sketch.  While many of us have these grand ideas of what we will accomplish, once the class comes to a close you will need to have a FINISHED concept/idea which solves theme given for the week.

SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE # 2 : Zoomed In 3-Color Challenge

Take a photo of your sketch from last week using your smart phone.  Crop or zoom into your image so that you create a whole new composition from which you will draw out in your sketchbook.  The key to this week’s challenge is that you will only be allowed to use 3 colors in your new image, so choose wisely and be aware that NO WHITE PAPER should be showing and WHITE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS A COLOR IN YOUR THREE CHOICES

You will get the entire hour to work in your sketchbook.  As class comes to a close, you will be required to take a photograph, and submit your work, digitally using the means by which you chose earlier in the week by filling out the “DIGITAL PROJECT SUBMISSION”  Be sure to keep your social media accounts on “public” or type your name as the title of your email when you submit your work.

REMEMBER TO USE THE HASHTAG #MHSsketchbookCHALLENGE  when posting images on your social media accounts.

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