Thurs. Feb. 9 #backinaction #positivenegativespace #twocolorstencils #illustratorbasics #loomisheads

Intro To Art: Creating Two Color Stencils

  1. PROVE your ability to UNDERSTAND and APPLY media, techniques, and processes by using X-ACTO knives to create a 2 COLOR STENCIL.
  2. APPLY media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks by creating a multi-color stencil using steps that are demonstrated in class.
Back at it today continuing work with stencils…
We are going to be live-streaming our class demonstration today, so for those of you who may be absent or even if you were in class and missed a step, you can go straight back to the stream-ed video and pick up where you might have gotten lost.

Graphic Coms: Getting to Know Illustrator

  1.  EXPLORE the Illustrator workspace by familiarizing themselves with the tool bar, shape tool, and shape builder tool
  2. SW use complete sentences when asking questions in class.

We are going to dive into the exercise I assigned to you in yesterday’s class.

Now while some of you may pick this up rather quick, I understand that some of you will need to see some of the steps practiced in front of you before you feel comfortable doing them on your own.  Rest assure, while we will be working on this together, the goal is for you guys to have a “win” under your belt with Illustrator before the week comes to a close.

Adv. Drawing: Introduction to the Loomis Method for Drawing Heads

  1. DEMONSTRATE your comprehension of proportion and space involving the drawing of a face by practicing through a demonstration.
  2. IDENTIFY characteristics of portraiture drawing by labeling the correct terms within guided notes.

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