Wed.March 1 #digitalstencils #IllustratorBasics #drawingthemouth

Intro to Art: Digital Stencils

  • Understanding and applying digital tools, techniques, and processes by using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photographs which will be used to create a stencil.
  • Apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks by creating a 1 color stencil using steps that are demonstrated in class.

We will be working with the laptops throughout class time and while there will be a learning curve or adjustment period, it will be very minor.  I will be walking you through the steps to take when digitally creating a stencil from an image that you find online.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the special HELP FOLDER dedicated to this project, which can be located daily on my website’s posts.


Day 3: Changing Colors Digitally for Your Stencil

Day 2: Merging Merging Layers and Pasting Into New File

Day 1: How to Create a 2 Color Stencil

Graphic Coms: Difference Between GROUPED and UNGROUPED objects/shapes

  1.  EXPLORE:
    1. using the GROUP and UNGROUP features when organizing shapes
    2. using the BLEND option tool when customizing the effect of a design. 
  2. Use complete sentences when asking questions in class.

We will continue along the lines of learning the basics to Illustrator by wrapping up the last few functions that as a beginner, you the user should be familiar with.  Now while your overall comfort level will vary, the goal here is to make you aware of these functions and show you the proper use for them in design.

Adv. Drawing: Drawing the Mouth

  1. DEMONSTRATE their comprehension of proportion and space involving the drawing of the mouth
  2.  IDENTIFY characteristics of portraiture drawing by labeling the correct terms within guided notes.

We continue where we left off last week, looking at the poses/studies of the nose.  While we use time in class this week to sharpen our individual skills, it is important to note the process that is needed to be taken as you sketch out your observations.  You will be continuously asked to OBSERVE and take VISUAL NOTES of special or unique characteristics on the model that set it apart from our basic steps taken when drawing without a visual reference.

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