Wed. Mach 28 #WatercolorPencils #GestureDrawing #logodesign

Intro to Art: Finishing with Watercolor Pencil

Your goal today…

Using the watercolor pencils to fill in any left-over spaces in your sketch from last week, you’ll be finishing your sketch for credit by adding water to activate the pigment that you put down with the pencil.  Be sure to use a scrap sheet of paper underneath your work if you feel that the water may bleed through to other sheets of paper.

For those of you that were absent Friday, or were unable to finish the “Draw-With-Me” sketch we worked on, you can follow that video below:

Graphic Coms: In-Class Projects

Project 1 Instructions / Overview

Project 2 Instructions / Overview

Adv. Drawing: 2:30 min Gesture Drawings with Structure/Form

Use this week’s Pose Packet: Pose Packet Wk3 Structure to do 2:30 minute timed gesture drawings.  During your time working in class, you should be making an effort to show the following information in your drawings:

  • C S I lines
  • Longest Axis, Line of Motion, or the Longest Line
  • Angles of the hips and shoulders
  • Round oval for the rib cage
  • Round oval for the hips

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