Thurs. April 13 #workingwithfonts

Intro to Art: Installing and Working with Fonts (Digital Art)

  1. Organize digital files and tools so that information is easier to manage and uses.
  2. Properly define the terminology of a file system using content-specific terms

Throughout the next few days that we are together we will be working with the laptops in order to set the table for both watercolor projects moving forward.  What is important to understand this week, is that while we are only technically together for two (2) days, it is incredibly important to be able to follow the demonstrated steps in class so as the next full week we are together you will be able to finish the project(s) successfully.

Fonts to download from

  1. Scorched Earth
  2. Disparador Stencil
  3. Karmatic Arcade
  4. Ancient Geek
  5. Shopping Script
  6. Arcade (dingbats version)

Guidelines for sizes and colors

How to install fonts on Mac:

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