Mon. April 17 #abstractwatercolorexperiments #digitalwatercolor #mannequinization #promticketdeadline

Intro to Art: Abstract Digital and Traditional Watercolor Experiments

  1. Create multiple solutions to specific visual arts problems that demonstrate competence in producing effective relationships between structural choices and artistic functions by creating thumbnail drawings to use for an upcoming project.
  2. Write arguments to support claims that your intentions HAVE been carried out using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence by answering the REFLECTION/ EVALUATION question:

Reflection Question: Now that you’ve had the opportunity to start adding and editing digital fonts, what type of outcomes were you really surprised about that you didn’t think about previously?   What do you feel the most difficult part of this assignment will be?

As I’ve previously discussed with each class, you will be juggling two projects this week with the deadline coming on Thursday.  One of your pieces will be worked on/finished digitally while your second will be worked on/finished with traditional art tools.  Be sure to monitor your progress and the requirements for each piece as this will be the main source for points this card marking.

Graphic Coms: Prom Ticket Design Deadline

  1. Apply text and gradient skills in the development of a design to be used for this year’s upcoming prom event.
  2. Use complete sentences and content specific vocabulary when asking questions.

Using the skills that we have learned since Spring Break, each student will be asked to complete the second part to this semester’s design portfolio by creating a ticket that will could be printed for use, during the upcoming prom event.

With our deadline at the end of the hour, you will need to work steadily throughout the hour to wrap up any leftover design elements on your ticket submission.  Once complete I will digitally collecting your submissions for a choice to be made within the week.

Adv. Drawing: Introduction to Mannequinization

  1. APPLY their ability to locate appendages on the body through a series of quick sketches from a model or pose by emphasizing GEOMETRIC FORMS. in 1 Minute Gesture drawings.
  2. IDENTIFY characteristics of a gesture drawing by locating and describing where they are in their drawings.

Today we start looking at appendages and how they fit together throughout a whole figure drawing.  We will learn to use the term MANNEQUINIZATION while approaching the arms and legs as geometric forms instead of outlines or contours.
Familiarize yourself with this week’s pose packet and be sure to use this throughout the week in your in class drawings.

This week’s pose packet : Mannequinization Pose Packet

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